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Quality and Liability

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RTS Marine & Power - Quality & Liability

RTS Marine and Power Services works independently from Vancouver Canada as Technical Sales Representatives. We work with leading and innovative companies.  They specialize in supplying, manufacturing or repairing marine and power station engine room equipment. The companies with whom we have chosen to work are Highly Reputable in their field or specialty. These companies were selected because of their reputation and because the end user is very important to us. We appreciate that poor quality will bring long-term misery even though the lowest price may bring short term joy. Further to this, we want to ensure that the people using equipment from people we recommend come back to us the next time they need spares or service. The companies RTS works with are in most cases very long established. This benefits owners by having qualified expertise available to them. Expertise that can only be gained by putting in the time.  RTS co-ordinates enquiries and puts the pieces of the jigsaw together. In effect, we sometimes act as your purchaser and sometimes as the representative. In most cases, we already know  where is the best source or supplier for a particular need. If we don't, we soon will. We do not say we can assist on everything. This is impossible but we can assist with the items, which are most often required.

Warranties, guarantees and liabilities that cover any products or services are the offered only by the company who actually provided the part s or services. RTS offers no such warranty for any such service or any such goods that we may help arrange or help to deliver or supply. In other words, the source supplier of parts or the service company actually doing the work are solely responsible for any and all warranty claims.

Before placing any order, end-users should independently make sure that they are happy with the status of the actual supplier, their guarantees and their liability Insurance coverage. Upon application, the companies involved will be glad to provide this information direct to the end-user. Normally this information is included along with any original quotation and is held at various establishments for public viewing.

Liability Disclaimer: With respect to parts supply and service or repair work, we act only as representatives to quality third parties and under no circumstances whatsoever can or will RTS Marine & Power Services or Rob Saint personally accept any responsibility for any loss, damage or consequences no matter how severe due to failure of any parts, goods or services rendered or supplied by those we recommend, their agents or shipping companies. Included here are losses caused by delayed delivery, loss, theft or any other failure, loss or damage either percieved or real. . Liabilities not restricted to but including, injury to a person or persons unknown, fire,  consequential damage, flood, financial loss, penalty fees, delay charges, or any other claim whatsoever, cannot be covered in any way by RTS Marine and Power Services, RTS Enterprises, RTS Machine Repair or the owners or staff of these enterprises. By working in coordination or consultation with RTS Marine and Power Services / RTS Enterprises / RTS Machine Repair, it will be understood and taken for granted that you have read and accepted these restrictions. The only exception the the foregoing is machine repair work where RTS Enterprises / RTS Machine Repair actually carries out maintenance work and supplies the parts. This means when no other company is involved.  

Notice to Suppliers - By working with RTS it is understood that RTS Marine & Power Services or Rob Saint will not be held responsible if an end user fails in any way to settle an account with any source supplier. Nor if an end user fails to make good on the terms of any sale made to them by any  source supplier. Before accepting any order from an end-user, source suppliers should independently make sure that they are happy and willing to accept an order and if required, to offer credit to the end user.

Thank you in advance for your understanding on this. As a very small company RTS Marine & Power cannot offer to accept these responsibilities but will always try to assist both parties if any problem should occur. We hope we can assist you in the near future.